Our school is located on the Gulf of Mexico in North Florida (Crystal River). Our school houses two divisions, first is our belt ranking defense tactics which is open to all ages. This program is designed for building character and self esteem through form with balance and coordination. This confidence also provides a winning spirit as evident by the number of trophies and awards won at tournaments. This school has receive 103 trophies in one year and is Christian based taught by a black belt instructor. Click here for School Demos

Our second division teaches discipline through the art of Jeet Kune Do as taught by Bruce Lee. Certified 3 times in 2nd generation, as well as
Sil Lim Tao, the first form of Wing Chun. Bruce Lee practiced this many times everyday on and off the movie sets. Offering training in JKD/Kickboxing consisting of 9 levels, also sensitivity energy drills, trapping, footwork and  much more...

Finding a good School

To find a good school is being able to define a good school, meaning the definition of their art.  It is the knowledge inside of that school that matters.

There are many different styles of the martial arts and everybody thinks their style is the best style but if that's true why are there so many different styles.

You need to ask yourself what are they offering and what are you looking for.  Are you looking for a strong discipline, learning how to defend yourself or are you looking for sport fighting, grappling, or full contact kickboxing, etc. Either way it is the instructors background. A pilot is usually judged by his flight time, how many hours does the pilot have.  How many years does your instructor have and who are his instructors.  Basically you want to make sure that the instructor has a good background with the experience and can teach you what you want to learn.

Keep these things in mind:

• You don't have to be in extreme shape but you need to workout everyday
• To be a good martial artist you need to study everyday
• The instructor must have experience dealing with a large group and can also study each student individually
• It is a lifetime study to know who you are

So choose wisely in your search!

Finding a good Jeet Kune Do School

   To choose a good Jeet Kune Do School or instructor is far and few.  It would be beneficial to you if you could find an instructor who knows all three phases if you want to grasp the whole of what Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do is all about.  Bare in mind that each phase is just as important as the other, so to truly know Jeet Kune Do is to know all three phases.  Each phase represents a developing stage of Jeet Kune Do.

In your search you will find that there are some schools or instructors that teach what is known as the concept of Jeet Kune Do, and others that teach originality. Concept teaching is a general idea derived from specific instances or occurrences.  Originality is learning it the way it was taught originally by the Sijo (founder).  Some of us seem to agree that concept is where the fight is going to end up, but you need the originality to get you there.  If Jeet Kune Do is only based on concept than you would have to eliminate originality and that is not what the Sijo had in mind.

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