Induction in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame saw a pressing need for a respected
  institution based on integrity which could establish and encourage true
  standards of excellence within the many individual organizations which
  make up the Martial Arts community world wide.  To do this, President,
  Professor, 10th degree Grand Master, PhD Ma, Silverio Guerra brought
  together an impressive group of established Martial Arts Masters to sit
  on the board of directors for the Hall of Fame with their primary function
  being to carefully evaluate prospective inductees, in order to determine
  if they are worthy of induction.  Only those who meet stringent stand-
  arts are considered and only those who pass rigorous, comprehensive
  evaluation are finally approved for induction into this prestigious in-
  situation, known as the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

  Induction is based on the following criteria:
1.  Years of study
2.  Ability and proficiency
3.  Dedication as an instructor
4.  Character and integrity
5.  Contributions to the Martial Arts

  Once ballots are received, nominees are notified by the board of
directors for induction. The Martial Arts Hall of Fame induction
ceremony is a formal event.



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