We offer one, two and three day seminars with intensive training on selected techniques in Jeet Kune Do

Several seminars we offer are listed here:

Proper footwork positioning-this topic covers the pendulum, the push shuffle, the pendulum shuffle and more...

Proper alignment of each Bijong-this workshop teaches the 70/30, 60/40 and 50/50, which will cover the open bijong and closed bijong positioning, also structure and weight shifting in the on guard position and more...

Bijong entries-this workshop covers the aggressive and passive attacks off of each of your on guard positioning.

Common Factors of Jeet Kune Do-in this series you will learn how to attack off of matching and un matching leads using different pak sao's and lop sao's

Five ways of Attack-this workshop teaches:

SDA-single direct attack
ABC-attack by combination
ABD-attack by drawing
PIA-progressive indirect attack
HIA-hand immobilization
Each one is broken down separately in detail

Advanced Compound Trapping-this workshop is for students who already have gained knowledge in HIA and enhances trapping skills, reference points, and more...

Sil Lim Tao-this is the first form of wing chun and is important in helping you with your hand and body structure.

Sensitivity Energy Drills-this series consists of drills that will help increase your speed with the common factors by 20% or more...

Jeet Tek-this workshop has different series in passive and aggressive entries such the aggressive Lim Dum Tek (cross snapping kick) also known as the oblique kick, the inside angular stop kick, side stop kick (passive) and many more...

Leg Sweeps and Take Downs-this series shows you how to sweep your opponent from two different sectors using matching and un-matching leads.

• For the two and three day seminars the promoter will be required to pay 50% in advance at least 10 days before workshop and balance in full on arrival.

• For the one day workshop, payment will be required in full at least 7 days prior.

• If you choose a two or three day seminar you will have a choice on the topic to be covered for one of those days, however, for the one day workshop we will choose the material.

• Fees include lodging and travel expenses.

• Arrangements can also be made if you wish to come to our studio, and special discounts will apply for several people wanting to attend together for a private workshop.

A percentage of each seminar will go to the Bruce Lee Foundation.

• For information on scheduling any of the above please contact Sifu Keller at 352-563-1700 or email us





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