WMA Kickboxing

WMA stands for World Martial Arts Association and is a sanctioning body.  It's logo has two gargoyles one representing all styles of the martial Arts and the other is a symbol of the way of the intercepting fist, open to all styles using free style bouts, the beginning of anything goes.

For the last 25 years the WMA has sponsored various Martial Arts events such as demonstrations, Kata tournaments, weapon, kindu sword and point fighting tournaments.

The WMA has also sanctioned many full contact fighting events.  In these events the anything goes theory applied, in other words elbows, spinning elbows, all Jeet teks, low line executions, flips, sweeps of all kinds and take downs were all legal.  The rules and regulations were completely different.  The PKA had certain rules and WMA wanted to eliminate the rules to give greater freedom to the art, you threw kicks because you wanted to, not because you had to.

One of these sanctioned fights was a five round full contact exhibition fight between Tony Palimore, who was at that time the heavy weight PKA world champion and Anthony Elmore, the number one contender for the WMA.  Sensai Palimore was excited to participate in this never before done martial arts spectacular knowing that it gave them both the opportunity to express themselves in more of a no holds bard atmosphere.  Anthony Elmore thanked Sifu Keller for giving him the opportunity to fight the world champion, he was originally from Memphis Tennessee and had won many tournaments but this gave him the opportunity to move up in his martial arts career.  He later became the heavy weight world champion for the PKA and was the MC narrator for Joe Lewis's come back fight.  Although Sifu Keller has had this rare film footage of these bouts for over 20 years, he thought it would be interesting for people to see some of what paved the way for full contact martial art fighting.  As popular as it was in its time, it is mild compared to what they are doing today.




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